Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Keep it Sugarless

I'm surprised but really love the color and shape of these pieces by Elke Kramer, available at Violent Green. They always have something in store to tempt me..

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Drink Some of This, It'll Put Color in Your Cheeks

Here's a few old photos from a lookbook I modelled for Brisbane label Two Beat Tremble a couple of years ago. Despite the fact that the girls went on a lengthy overseas hiatus, this remains one of my favorite local labels. All the pieces were made from organic materials, and were exciting colors, cuts and prints. The above pinafore dress is one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe, I get comments everytime I wear it.

Cat Power

Photo by Tommy Ton
After a gruelling two days of shoots, assignments and an exam, magazine layout and very little time to eat I was feeling slimmer than usual and wore my favorite vintage velvet bodysuit yesterday. My curvy thighs and tired eyes had nothing on Leigh Lezark in this photo though, I love how feline and smug she looks.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tall Talk

Photos by Kobi

I'm trying to finish an assignment this morning, last minute as always, and my mind keeps wandering to the coming long weekend. Although not where I'll be spending Easter, this dream house is the current residence of a few of my friends, the venue for many a lazy weekend away and home to a whole heap of happy memories.

Wild World

Heading on a coastal adventure with my man for this Easter long weekend. My bag for the coast is always packed haphazardly and day to day dress ends up being a mish mash of layers with spontaneous yard sale finds thrown in and a borrowed jumper over the top as I always forgot how crisp the sea air is at night. I wish my thrown together look came off as well as the kooky yet ever ethereal Iekeliene Stange.

After Hours

Just home from a late night shoot with one of our favorite models, Kiri Crocker. Kiri is not only a total babe but also hilarious to work with every time. The past few weeks we've been working on a little something for next issue of Hell Yeah! magazine which has been amazing but will have to stay under wraps until the mag is out in May. Here's a really old shoot for Boxvintage which features Kiri and a few other of our gorgeous friends, Tommy, Luce and Gabby.

Photos - Conan Whitehouse
Makeup and Hair - Elana Mullaly
Styling - Sarah Birchley
Models - Kiri Crocker, Tom Cole @ Dallys, Lucy Thompson and Gabrielle Miller.
Clothes - Boxvintage, Sarah Birchley and Gabrielle Miller.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


This last month in Brisbane has been full of 90's nostalgia with Dinosaur Jr, Pixies and Pavement all visiting within two weeks of each other. Here's a photoshoot from February which was loosely inspired by that slacker vibe.
Makeup and Hair - Elana Mullaly
Styling - Sarah Birchley
Special thanks to Boxvintage for the clothes.

Got My Mind Set On You

Gail Sorronda 'Exotic Feather Neckpiece'
Deadly Ponies 'Mr Fill n Zip Twist' bag at Violent Green

floral print 1950's frock at Boxvintage