Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Back to Basics

These are the most recent of my acquisitions from shopping adventures in the last week or so. Unbelievably I have not owned a pair of black flats which are not boots for almost a year - when in need I've just been borrowing my mum's. These come in maroon and royal blue aswell, in my quest for healthy and painless feet after fracturing my foot earlier this year I am seriously considering buying the two other colors. Really, really comfortable and soft.

Deadly Ponies 'Mr Fill and Zip Twist' Bag at Violent Green

I can't say enough good things about Deadly Ponies. After buying my first of their bags last year from Violent Green I haven't even thought of looking at other bags. Money aside, I could easily own every bag in every color from the current collection. However, I was in need of a new black bag after my well worn and loved uni bag handles broke and this has been the replacement on my mind for months since I first saw the lookbook earlier this year. Thankfully the kids at Violent Green put up with my persistent and borderline desperate phonecalls and requests and I now own this beautiful piece of buttery soft leather. I've now found out that this bag comes not only in brown but black fur.. one of my all time favorite textiles.. Might need to start saving again.

Witchery Gathered Leather Skirt

I have this shape skirt in several vintage incarnations and love it! This one is particularly nice and soft.

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