Saturday, June 5, 2010

Belle, It's You I Want

Romance Was Born 'Renaissance Dinosaur' lookbook shots via Pedestrian

Tristan Blair pony hair leopard print shoes at Violent Green

Sretsis gold ruffle bodysuit
Internet has been a bit of a rarity for me of late, as has spare time, so here's a bundle of goodies that I've been wowed by over the last week or so. The Romance Was Born violin jacket was always going to have a soft spot in my heart, as a music student and long time violinist it holds huge kitsch value for me to wear it but also love it so sick just as a great feature jacket. Imagining it layered with my vintage black sheer maxi dress and fur trim motorbike boots. Also really love how they've styled it on the girl in the lookbook, would be stoked to own that whole outfit! The Jurassic Ikat outfit would look shocking on my non model body but I think it is amazing.
Violent Green seem to be the prime offenders for tempting me to spend my measly income at the moment, (recently put down a deposit for the bag of my dreams - Deadly Ponies, black fur, amazing!). Perusing their blog this morning I came across these photos of these Tristan Blair shoes - I think they could be the replacement I've been looking for for the Ashish X Topshop wedges? While a completely different shaped shoe, they are probably far more practical for my lifestyle than the 6" wedges and still so so sick. Going to head in there this arvo and hope they still have a pair in my size!
Chasing Bow has the skirt version of this Sretsis bodysuit in store at the moment and it is gorgeous! Would be perfect in my wardrobe - even has a velvet band at the waist. I love the bodysuit too but not sure if it is stocked anywhere in Brisbane. Bodysuits are definitely something I need to try on, being pretty tall means the shoulder to crutch ratio is pretty vital and not always right!

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