Sunday, May 23, 2010

Home is Where Your Art Is

I've recently moved house and so am finally getting to exercise some of the dreams of domestic bliss that have been brewing over the last year or so while living at my parents place. I've always perused Todd Selby's site, some photos stick in my mind, some don't. The above photographs are from the series he took at the home of Jamie Isaia and Anthony Malat. These names mean nothing to me apart from the caption Todd has included (Jamie - photographer, Anthony - clothing designer), however their home speaks volumes to my sensibilities! I love the wall of mirrors in what looks to be their living room and have actually been hunting for one for my bedroom, exactly like the oval one on the left hand side of the wall. Their home has a decidedly vintage 'hunter and gatherer' feel, which seems to tie in with their professions - Anthony apparently remakes vintage suits, hence some of the photos show beautiful old tailored clothes on dress mannequins. I love, love, love the bathroom.. that pale blue print wallpaper is so perfect with the print tiles; funnily enough it reminds me of the blue on blue spirograph outfit from the latest Zimmermann collection - equally as beautiful anyway. The collection of spoons my Grandma actually had! The sense of nostalgia I get when looking at this home is overwhelming and delicious and warm.. I want my home to evoke a similar sensation.

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