Friday, May 7, 2010

You're Wild, And I'm Wild About You

Photos via Vogue
I've been waiting for this show for weeks and definitely not disappointed one little bit. Things I would like in my closet from the above photos - EVERYTHING in that sweet prehistoric diorama mash up digital print; thigh high boots, the amazing cut out collar dress, the bodysuit, the leggings.. everything. The harlequin print furry mini dress. That crochet headpiece would be nice, reminiscent of my ever adored octopus beanie. Whatever it is that the babe in head to toe pink is wearing, I want it. And then the piece de resistance - the scalloped sequined maxi dress. I am moving house and trying to cull clothes urges but this collection would, and always will be an exception to the 'I don't really need that' rule. I am so proud that amongst the often monotonous safeness of Australian fashion, Luke and Anna of Romance Was Born don't give a shit and just have fun. Really fucking awesome beautiful wearable fun.

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